Wednesday, July 4, 2007

How To Get Good Traffic on Ur Blog

The most important think about bloggin is getting good traffic. In this competitive world, getting good traffic on your site is quite difficult job as there are a large number of quality websites are available in the market on the same topic. So if you want to increase traffic on your site, then you must have to adopt some solid marketing methods. Otherwise it will be very hard to cope up with the cut-throat competition of the market. and also we need to make sure that people who visit our site will return and comeback again for a visit. Now, we have a million dollar question that how to increase traffic flow ?
These are some tips about increasing ur traffic
  • The most important factor for traffic will be the content, if you have quality content, good and inspirational articles, Users will never take U turn from your website.
  • These days most of the traffic on websites come from search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN etc. So you must use SEO tools to be ranked higher in these search engines for keywords relevant to your site. The right words in the right place can place your website to higher listings and get it seen more easily when people search.
  • Money makes money. So spend some money and start some good advertising campaigns like google’s adwords, yahoo ads, adbrite etc. These ads will give your website immediate exposure.
  • Increase the presence of your website on the World Wide Web, by getting backlinks. This will be also helpful in SEO of the website and increasing the page rank. Your link on other’s site will also fetch their traffic. Link-exchange will also be a good idea for widening the exposure of the website.
  • Submit your quality content and articles on social networking and news websites like,,,, etc. These days webmasters are using communities for advertising their websites.
  • Participate in forums like and make the link of your website your signature and post threads, replies etc.
  • Make the url and slogan of your website your signature in your emails.
  • Last but not the least, do some sort of ground marketing in the form of ads, posters, newspapers and tv ads etc. They will be also useful to attract new users.


lalit said...

nice comments,
i have been using stumble upon but this idea of promoting my site doesnt occured to me !

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Nismar said...


Alisha said...

Thanks for these points.
Does blog design and maintenance of content in blog also matter from the point of getting more traffic?
if yes then please tell me how can i change the design of my blog -

bilal said...

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Andi S said...

I think quality of contents are very important to increase traffic, so I agree with you

Fred said...

Backlinking is also great. It'll increase your visibility for google, increasing your traffic.

You need to share links for that, like for example

sekhar said...

hello i am blogging from 3 months but i will get less traffic 50 pageviews per day what can i do to get good traffic

Abu Bakar Waheed said...

Nice post and good blog...
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Cris Monde said...

Your tips can also use not just in blogs but also in sites. I also believe that design and the development are some of the things that must be consider in order to attract visitors to your site.

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Eric Junard Dabon said...

Insightful post. Yes, I agree. Nothing beats good content. Good content must be inclined to human, though you have to consider the search engine in most cases. It must be balanced, you must not sacrifice the readability of your content.

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