Friday, July 6, 2007

How To Optimize Google Adsense

i don't want lie about this. me myself is not a master of adsense, i might not be able to earn thousand of dollar each month. but atleast i know how to optimize adsense to give some revenue for our blog/sites. first thing to do is

Get ur keyword, check its keyword density. keyword is the most important think if it's about to optimise ur rank on search engine. so that u get the right visitor. with that getting click is more possible

Blend ur ads. most user don't want to click on ads. so don't make it like ads. atleast blend the ads.

Write new page everyday. so that not dissapoint when they come back to ur blog

Pick the right format for ur adsense. don't put to many ads on one blog. so u can get good CTR


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